Venture Icon Media is a digital marketing company like no other. We are in the business of people, making sure all of our clients see the results they are looking for. Everything we do is specifically tailored to the needs of your landscaping company. We know the industry, and we know that one size does not fit all. We are committed to understanding your specific brand and setting it up for success. We work to keep you at the forefront of your current and potential customers' minds. Our job is to explore all the possiblilities. We want to define your company as a leading landscaping business, incorporating our proven strategies into your business model. You will grow under our wing, fortifying the brand you already have and making it even stronger.

We offer many different services for all of our clients, depending on their specific needs. If you are starting from scratch with your landscaping, we can help build up a brand, creating, if necessary, a logo and a website. Our branding services can paint the vision of what you want your company to represent to the world. People will see your brand and come to trust in your name. We also offer social media services, giving your company the chance to build your digital influence. A strong social media presence can mean everything to your potential clients. To increase traffice on your site, we also use advertising and SEO(Search Engine Optimization) methods to promote your site. No matte which services you decide to receive from us, we guarantee they are of the highest quality.


At Venture Icon Media, we are a close-knit family, working together to solve the problems set before us. We trust in each others' talents and expertise so we can incorporate each talent where it is needed. Because we work so well together in-house, the quality of our work is unprecedented. When you choose us to help with whatever digital services you require, you are adding that secret ingredient of care and devotion. When you succeed, we succeed. You can be with the best services.


Some people think they can handle their digital marketing themselves. After all, they've been on Facebook and maybe they've even tweeted on Twitter. The problem is, they lack the insight, industry knowledge and full-service strategies that have made Venture Icon Media so successful at getting results. We've been in bussiness since 2010, spreading our wings and making our mark on the digital world. We are based out of Provo, Utah, and our reach extends nationwide. Our teams of designers, developers, and writters are all experienced professionals who make it their top priority to present high level work. If you're looking for a company that puts its clients above anything else, Venture Icon Media is right for you.

Our quality services and experience make us the right digital marketing company for you. We emphasize excellence at Venture Icon Media. Learning and developing, putting the clients' needs above everthing, we generate a solid foundation for the improvement of your company.